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Please page down for more Frequently Asked Questions, they are divided into sections.


We need a W-9 from your company. How can we get one?
Click Here to View, Print or Download our W-9
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How do we apply for Net 30 / Terms?
At this time we only extend terms via Bill Me Later a service of PayPal!
It's quick and easy to set! You can do it online and be approved in minutes!
This service protects you our client by keeping your information private and helps us keep our prices low!
Best of all, for a limited time you can get $10 off your order!
See for details or Click the PayPal link when checking out to apply.
The only exceptions we make are to Government Agencies and Clients within our local service area.
Our local service area is anyone within 120 miles of our location.
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How should I place my order
The best way to get your order in is through the online store. It is also the fastest way to get the order in and it ensures we do not make typo's
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I always call my order in and they always encourage me to do it myself, online. Why?
1) It cuts down on order entry errors
2) It's more secure! When you do it online, we never see your credit card info! So their is no chance of us jotting it down on a piece of paper to enter it into they system. In the event we need to write down the credit card, we paper is to be shredded as soon as the order is entered. This is to keep it from getting picked up by someone else or out of the trash. Someone could also intercept the telephone call. We spend a lot of money to protect your credit card information with 128 Bit Encryption that is backed with a $100,000.00 per instance guaranty! So even if someone is able to break the encryption, your covered!
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How do I know my credit card information is secure?
Depending on which browser you are using, when you go to checkout, you will see a security lock either in the address bar or in the bottom right hand corner.
If you click it you should see more information about who we are and how secure the information is! This is nsProtect™ Secure Extended Validation
We go above and beyond on this because it's the last thing we want you to worry about! Most places use a standard 64bit security encription key, we purchased a 256 bit encryption security! It's not cheap to purchase, and put in place, but your worth it! And if there is a security breach up you are backed by their 1 Million Dollar Guarantee!

nsProtect™ Secure Extended Validation:
EV Certificates provide a higher level of validation and are available to all business and government entities, but are not available to individuals. The EV process is more rigorous and detailed than any other SSL Certificate and will require additional steps, which may include obtaining signatures from several people within the applying company, legal verification of the business's existence, etc. You move through the various stages of validation using Network Solutions Account Manager. Email communications will also be sent to you to assist you in the process.

EV Certificates provide additional visual assurance by turning your browser address bar green (when using modern browsers like IE7).

Since the validation process is so rigorous it can take four to five business days* to complete. Upon receipt of all documentation, the process is completed. Once all validation is complete, the SSL Certificate is issued electronically and is ready for installation on the website. If the site is hosted with Network Solutions, much of this installation process is automated. If the website is not hosted with Network Solutions please contact that provider and if you have a different Web server system click here for more information.

Green Address Browser Bar
The Green Address Browser Bar differentiates your site from the competition and have an extra visual assurance for customers that your site is safe and credible.

State-of-the-Art Data Encryption
With data encryption up to 256-bits, nsProtect™ Secure Xpress converts your data into virtually impenetrable code that is safe from hackers and identity thieves.

$1 Million Guarantee for Your Customers
Provide your customers with the extra assurance that their transactions are protected on your website. nsProtect™ Secure Extended Validation comes with a $1 million guarantee protection for your customers if they should incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction, while visiting your website. If the loss is a result of a miss-issued certificate, your customer will receive reimbursement up to $1 million.
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I have items I order all the time. How can I make them easy to reorder?
Create a shopping list and add your favorite items.
On each product page there is a link that says "Add to a new shopping list" It will allow you to create shopping lists and add items to it. Then the next time you login, you can go to your account and pull up the shopping list. From the list you can quickly add your favorite items to your cart and check out in record time! You can see a sample shopping list here
It is also handy for when you go on vacation and need someone else to place orders for you. Just click, "Email this list to a friend" don't forget to also send them your login information! It's okay! They can't not see your credit card information
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Can I pay by Check?
Yes! We offer 3 different methods! (1st) is via a PayPal, just click the PayPal logo. Paypal will also allow you to apply for net 30, 60 and 90 with the Bill Me Later option! 2nd is by selecting "Account Number" as you payment method. Once you complete your order and have the total, go to and click on the Blue Intuit PaymentNetwork PayNow button. The 3rd method is the slowest, you can can mail a check to Supplies For Mailers 4 Roland Ave Feasterville PA 19053. Please note! Your order will not be shipped till payment has been received.
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Shipping FAQ

Can I get a shipping quote / time in transit?
Yes! Add the products that you would like to purchase to you shopping cart. If the product is shipping to the USA you will then enter your zip code in the "View Cart / Checkout" page and get a shipping quote. To get more details, like time in shipping, continue through the checkout process.
Step 2 will be "Shipping, Coupons & Gift Certificates" which will give you pricing and time in transit.

If you are outside the USA the estimator on this page will not work! You will need to press the gray "Checkout" button and continue through the checkout process.
Step 2 will be "Shipping, Coupons & Gift Certificates" which will give you pricing and time in transit.
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Do you ship internationally?
Step 2 will be "Shipping, Coupons & Gift Certificates" which will give you pricing and time in transit.
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Can I get a Freight Quote for a large Orders totaling over 200 lbs
Yes, If you are placing a large order,, example 15 ea cases of tabs, it may be cheaper and faster for your order freight! When checking out, in step 2 under the UPS shipping options, then under "Custom Shipping Options:" click on "Click here for rates" At this time this is just an estimated price that we will honor as long as the actual cost is within $50. This method is only good for the continuous 48 states!
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Equipment Parts FAQ

What is the warranty, if I order a board?
We offer a 15 day warranty against manufacturer defect! As long as it is a manufacturer defect, we will repair, replace, or refund the product within 45 days of it's return. 45 Days, is because we need to return it to the manufacturer and have them confirm that the problem is due to a manufacturer defect.
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