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HP Price Increase and our Solution
As you may or may not know, HP has raised prices on ink like C8842a Versatile.
We have done our best to not pass along the increase to our customers and have been working and testing a few solutions!
After months of testing we have a few exciting solutions that we want to share with you!
And some problems we have found solutions for!

1st Problem: As you know it is not easy to get a replacement or refund on defective HP cartridges
    Solution: Find a supplier that completely backs and guaranties the product without a ton of red tape.  DONE! 
2nd Problem: HP Price increase forcing many resellers to sell ink like C8842A as high as $51.45 and to an starting average of  $28.95 
    Solution: Raise prices and find a good cost effective alternative to each HP ink.  Now we have all tried and have been disappointed with refilled and recycled cartridges. And as you know, we have tested and stayed away from them.  So that is not a solution.  High Quality Re-Manufactured,remanufactured to Higher standards then even HP puts on the originals via a15 step quality control process!?  Now that is a solution! Butis it possible? 

Yes!  And we are proving it!   1st as many of you know, we did it with Pitney Bowes Compatible Meter Inks, with a guarantee 2nd to none in the industry.

NOW We Proudly bring you Remanufactured HP inks!

With a special thank you to all the companies that have tested and given feedback during the trial!  Your support and input made this possible!

Introductory Pricing available for a limited time!

We asked our clients to post reviews of the ink!  And the feedback has been great!  Go to the individgual product pages to read them!

Thank you!
James Angst
The remanufacturerd products are not manufactured, sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by Hewlett Packards.  HP is a registered trademark of Hewlett Packard Corporation.
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